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January 2020


After installation, you will need to test fly your aircraft, to get a valid PAPR report. If you will be flying in actual rule airspace, you must first fill out the  ADAPT form.

uAvionix solution

The simplest, most cost efficient path to ADS-B out is the uAvionix SkyBeacon, followed by their TailBeacon. Both are 978MHz Universal Access Transmitters (UAT) and are valid for use below 18,000 feet, in the USA. I won’t go into the why of “below 18K” now. Systems have been built that have antenna diversity and communicate ADS-B data via satellite relaying data beyond the horizon. It is not a technical issue. ADS-B Link Augmentation System

Future Proofing

UAT systems require that you maintain a functional 1090MHz transponder and altitude encoder on board. The uAvionix solution works with both standard mode C and mode S transponders, unlike the Garmin GDL 82. Don’t worry that your existing transponder may fail next week. Avionics shops are removing large numbers of perfectly functional transponders and replacing them with 1090ES (extended squitter) transponders. This has caused the price of traditional used (and soon new) transponders to fall. You can purchase some of these very reliable solid state transponders for under $300 if you are lucky, and spend the rest of the money on avgas. I remember a time when a used transponder cost $1000.00. Don’t I wish I had purchased APPL with avionics funds. I will provide a transponder list here.


I will provide a list of ADS-B in solutions on this site as well.


I can get you compliant in very little time. I have a network of engineers and DERs to call upon.    I know exactly how to get uAvionix products legally installed in aircraft not on the AML, without even a field approval, for reasonable money.

Subject: Policy Statement, PS-AIR-21.50-01: Type Design Approval Holder

Inappropriate Restrictions on the Use and Availability of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

Memo No: AIR-100-11-100-002